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Categories & Units

Listing Page

Categories Categories

This listing page display all your categories/units, subcategories/subunits with actions to edit and delete. As other tables, the info & pagination links are at the bottom of the page.


Edit Unit Edit Unit

Add/edit order page uses the same form with following fields

  1. Name: name of the category
  2. Code: barcode of the category
    • Subcategories: name and code for subcategories
    • Subunits: name, code, conversion operator and conversion value for subunit

Import Categories

Please prepare csv (comma separated values) file as following

Category 01,,
Category 02,,Subcategory 01|Subcategory 02

You can copy the above text and then paste it in notepad or text editor and save it as Categories.csv You can add more rows and even can open with excel or any other spreadsheet software to add rows easily.

The first row should have the following values as it is used to determine the column name.

name, code, subcategories

Once you have prepared the file, select it and click read. System will read your file and show you the categories details. Lastly click Save to complete the import and the result displayed.

If you have any suggestions, please start a discussion.